2022 Coast-to-Coast Walk

Oh? MG!

I am excited to be supporting the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) through the MG Walk because the mission is important to me. I have MG, diagnosed October, 2021. Less than a week ago I was on a ventilator in the ICU getting emergency treatment plasmapheresis through a dialysis catheter in my neck to pull me out of an MG CRISIS- which is where the one muscle I can't rest on my own failed, my diaphragm. I am now blessed to be back home with my baby girls and husband, taking is slow but not complaining. Perspective really is everything sometimes and now I want to share that with the world. MG for me causes scary unpredictable intermittently debilitating symptoms. Please look on the MGFA website and educate yourself because it's REAL and there's treatment but NO CURE! June is MG awareness month and Teal is the MG awareness color. I think Teal is going to look fabulous on everyone as we kick off Summer 2022! I love and appreciate any and all of your support! Donate if you can, please share this post and join my team for the awareness walk (we have the best name ever Alexis my 5 year old came up with this) Team Oh?MG!  #Mel'sMG #MJE.MG #Oh?MG! 
The MGFA is the only national volunteer health agency in the United States dedicated solely to the fight against myasthenia gravis.
MGFA is committed to finding a cure for myasthenia gravis and closely related disorders, improving treatment options, and providing information and support to people with myasthenia gravis through research, education, community programs, and advocacy.
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Together We Can Make A Difference!

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