2021 MG Walk KY: Louisville
EP "Tom" Sawyer State Park Shelter #1
3000 Freys Hill Rd.
Louisville, KY
Saturday, September 25, 2021
Check-in begins at 9 am Walk begins at 10 am

COME TOGETHER TO SUPPORT THE MG COMMUNITY… The MG Walk isn’t really about walking — it’s about supporting the MG community, and we need YOU to make that happen. 

MG is a rare and chronic neuromuscular autoimmune disease affecting tens of thousands of people. When you come together with friends and family to walk in your community, you give hope to everyone impacted by MG. Money raised from the MG Walk funds research towards better treatments, bringing us closer to a cure, and supports services for those living with MG. That’s why we join forces at this event—walking or not—supporting each other toward the ultimate finish line, a world without myasthenia gravis! 
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